Apple Watch Repair

We have gotten a lot of calls asking whether or not we service Apple Watches. The answer is yes, we sure do! Batteries are consumable products and with time, lithium ion batteries lose their abilities to take and hold charges. Battery health is determined by charge cycles. With time, batteries inevitably deteriorate. We do battery replacements and screen replacements for Apple Watches for a fraction of the price the manufacturer demands. We do this because we believe in prolonging the life of the device you have already paid for. When we replace the screens and batteries on watches, we also replace the gasket seal that protects your watch from liquid intrusion. This means when we service your device, it’s literally good as new again! Don’t fall victim to the model of replacing a phone or watch every year just because there’s a new one available. Save yourself thousands over the years, come see us at Smart Fix!IMG_0997.JPG